Meditation Tip – Focus On Your Body

Meditation Tip – Be Aware of Your Body

Occasionally, and more frequently as time goes on, I will have a short post such as this with a simple meditation tip. This was actually the purpose of this blog, hence the name Mindful Meditation Tips.

Meditation Tip

One of the most common difficulties beginning meditation students have is the ability to focus for extended sessions.

Focus is simply the ability to concentrate on one thing at the expense of all else.

A great way to strengthen your concentration when meditating, is to focus on your body. Just be aware of your various body parts such as:

  • Your overall posture,
  • Your lungs as you breath,
  • Your butt as it contacts the floor or Zafu (meditation cushion),
  • The tension in your legs.

Or, alternately, you can perform the “All Over” exercise, where you focus on each part of your body in sequence during meditation. (I plan on discussing this exercise in the future because it is a great beginners meditation.)

This type of meditation is great because it trains your ability to concentration during meditation sessions and the greater the concentration the better your focus will be.

Strengthening your ability to focus will have additional benefits, such as:

  • Decrease stress in high pressure situations,
  • Increase problem Solving skills,
  • and Increase Creativity.

Increasing your ability to focus will definitly enhance your quality of life.


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