Be Mindful with Mindfulness Meditation

The Practice of Mindful and Mindfulness Meditation


While there are many disciplines and goals in the numerous meditation practices, one of the more popular practices is Mindfulness Meditation. According to Wikipedia, Mindful Meditation, which is descended from Vipassanā meditation and also known as Insight Meditation, has a lineage that dates back to the earliest Buddhist texts.

What is Mindful Meditation?

Mindful Meditation is a meditation practice where the practitioners are trying to be mindful of the current moment. In other words they are trying to be present in the present. Mindfulness meditation can take many forms, but the practitioner is actively focusing their full attention on the present moment through individual senses such as:

  • Listening to the surrounding sounds,
  • Visually looking at a mandala with an eye to seeing all the details,
  • Paying attention to the smells in the current surroundings,
  • Feeling your clothes or wind on your skin, or sensing how something feels with your fingers,
  • or any combination of above and more…

Why is Mindful Meditation important?

How do I practice Mindful Meditation?

Mistakes to avoid with Mindful Meditation

Example of a simple Mindful Meditation



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